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Mom Life | Mother's Day 2018

I try to make holidays very special for Andre and we celebrate most holidays with a bang!

For St. Patrick's Day we'll have a green breakfast and decorations.

For Halloween we’ll make Mummy Dogs, Monster donuts, grave and spider cakes plus more.

For Easter we egg hunt with Easter themed cake and games, to name a few.

For Mother’s Day he gets me flowers, and he showers me with hugs and kisses all day long

(that’s the rule).

I start on Mexican Mother’s day by taking him to the store and we’ll pick my mom flowers. Then on Mother’s Day I’ll have my sister take him to "secretly" buy me flowers to surprise me with them.

He enjoys this day just as much as he enjoys any other holiday. The past few years he wakes up super excited and screams "Happy Mommies Day" to me. I love that he makes it a point to show me the love.

It also helps that his school preps him for it and they have mother's day event usually that Friday before. Andre really gets into it

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