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Skin | Another Breakout After Using a Face Mask?

Have you ever used a purifying and clarifying mask and then break out the next day and think to yourself "I'm never using that face mask again! It made me break out!"?

Well here's the thing - purifying and clarifying mask are suppose to clean your skin from the inside out to unclog your pores and make all the toxins come out.

So yes, you might get one or two breakouts because it is pulling that bacteria out of your skin creating them into breakouts.

It doesn't necessary mean it's a bad thing, in reality - it is cleaning your skin and you're heading toward the road of clear skin and clean pores.

I always try to tell my clients to use purifying and clarifying mask such as a clay mask about a week or two before their big event and to use a hydrating mask days before and/or the day of the event so their face can look nice, plumped and hydrated - and because we used a purifying and clarifying mask the week prior - all the breakouts already came and went.

- My current favorite is MAC Mineralize Reset & Revive Charcoal Mask and while we're here - try using MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator before for a deeper clean!

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