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Pro Tip | Best way to use Dry Shampoo

I have used dry shampoo forever now and let me tell you - Dry shampoo has changed my hair game 100% for the better.

I have used it in many different ways and I have noticed the best way to use it is by applying it before I need it.

I apply dry shampoo the day I wash it to prevent it from getting oily. 

(Everyone's hair is so different so of course do what is best for your hair and play around to see what works best. My hair is really fine, straight and oily.)

After washing my hair, drying it and styling it, I'll apply the dry shampoo to prevent it from producing oil too early - plus it gives it volume. 

I go on and apply more the night of and the next morning to refresh if I plan on not washing it.

(Anybody else have a hair washing schedule?)  

My current obsession:

Ouai - Super Dry Shampoo - (Like seriously Jen what do you put in these? I smell amazing!)


Batiste - Divine Dark - ok, so I not only love this because (you know, it's affordable and it works wonderful) but because it comes in Dark and I love how full the dark one makes my hair look! Perfect for thinning hairlines! (because you know as we get older.... that's a different story.) 

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