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Pro Tip | Hide your lash band on your falsies

Don't you just hate when your lash band is showing and you are forced to put eyeliner on?

(Because, same).

Well here is how you hide your lash band from showing while wearing your falsies, especially on the days you don't want to wear eyeliner and keep it more natural, but with lashes on, ya know?

Apply mascara or gel eyeliner on your lash band before adding glue to your lash.

I like to take the lash out of the case to unstick first, then apply mascara or gel liner on the lash band with a small brush so the mascara or liner is not chunky, I like to give it about 10 seconds to dry completely and then apply eyelash glue on the falsies and apply it on like I usually do. This allows the band to stay dark when the lash glue dries and blend better with your lash line.

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