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Makeup Talk | Makeup I wear to the gym

Now listen, Everybody has an opinion about wearing makeup to the gym.

If you want to wear a full face,

Girl, you wear it!

If you don't want to wear any makeup,

Girl, yes let them pores breath and sweat it out!

Either way, do you.

Myself, I wear products that make me feel confident to lift and sweat as confidant as can be, whether its makeup and/or skin care.

What I wear has all to do with how my skin looks and how I'm feeling to perform my best.

Look 1

If my skin looks good, producing it's natural oils, free of breakouts and I have little to no complaints with my skin I either not wear anything at all or

I wear: My daily moisturizer that I would usually already have on or something such as MAC Natural Radiance in the color yellow and Aquaphor on the lips.

Look 2

If my skin looks dry, little to no breakouts but just want a little pick-me-up and for my skin to look naturally radiant

I wear: Aquaphor, MAC's fix + or Trader Joe's Rose Facial Oil on my face, KKW Beauty Nude 1 lip pencil and Aquaphor on my lips.

Look 3

If my skin is breaking out or my acne scars are a little prominent around this time and I'm trying to cover it up

I wear: Tarte BB Tinted Primer in the shade Medium, or Medium-Tan (depending on my tan), MAC Studio Fix Powder (foundation powder) in the shade NC43 as my bronzer, KKW Beauty Nude 1 lip pencil and MAC Lip Conditioner.

Now all this depends on my mood. If my breakout are out to play like I invited them, but they're not bothering me as much, I might just not wear anything but moisturizer and stay in the steam room a little longer so that it opens up my pores and can clean and clear my skin out.

What are some of your must-wear to the gym products?

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