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Makeup Talk | Products I use on Men for TV/Film

Men are not use to being on the makeup chair for too long and to be totally honest we also don't get a lot of time to do makeup on them, therefore I try to use as minimal products as I can to work as quickly and as efficient as I can.

These are it and this is why...

1.) Nivea Men Post Shave Balm (Sensitive) - I like to use this aftershave as a moisturizer and primer before any makeup is applied. Also the majority of men usually shave before they're about to be in front of the camera and it smells manly so it works perfect for their experience and comfort.

2.) MAC Lip Conditioner - I've found that MAC's lip conditioner works a lot better than just any regular lip balm for a lot of people because it hydrates and it works great for anyone with really dry and sensitive lips. And it's a squeeze tube so it's great for sanitary purposes. This product can leave a little shine behind so I try to use this product first or second so it has enough time to dry and penetrate to the lips but if its still really shiny I will remove some by blending it with a lip brush.

3.) RCMA Foundation or MAC Studio Fix Fluid - I go back and forth using both of these.

The RCMA foundation does not oxidize, stays put, the coverage is so full and it looks amazing behind screen. This product is also easy to thin out if it is too heavy than what you're looking for, therefore a little goes a long way.

I like to use MAC Studio Fix Fluid because they have a large range of shades and undertones and working for MAC it has become easier for me to color match using this foundation on just about anyone. But lets get real, it also has amazing coverage and it looks great on camera and in person. This has a "natural" matte to satin finish and is great for TV, film and photographs.

4.) RCMA No Color Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent powder, or Sasha Buttercup powder -

I like to use a translucent powder to set the foundation and to really mattify the face.

The way I like to use a translucent powder for men is by dipping a damp beauty sponge to the powder and dabbing on the palm of my hand and then pressing it into the skin. This helps to pack it on the skin without moving the foundation, not making it look too heavy and keeping it matte.

The RCMA No Color Powder works great on men. Its very matte and it does not change the color of the foundation. However, this can leave a white cast to the skin if you apply it too much of it.

The Laura Mercier is great on any type of skin color and texture. I like to use this product if they are going to be photographed to ensure they will not get any flashback.

The Sasha Buttercup powder is great for medium to deep skin tones because it has a yellow/gold tone to it. I have used it on men with a yellow undertone as well a red undertone and it looked great on both. It is very matte, which is perfect.

5.) MAC Studio Fix Powder -

I'll finish it off with MAC's Studio fix powder on the high points of the face. I like using a slight deeper shade than their skin color on the high points of their face to add definition, however it can be a bit tricky because it does oxidize but I also don't want to go in with a shade too light because of the way it can transfer on camera so am careful while using this.

This product is also just a must have in my kit because there has been times where I literally only have 3 minutes to do makeup and I've only used this powder foundation and it does the job.

6.) MAC Blot Powder - I'll usually carry MAC's blot powder in my set bag. I usually hold off on using this product until we get on set because most of the time its not needed, however even though they are already really matte the lights on them can reflect and I can then decide if and where to apply the blot powder.

7.) e.l.f Eyelash and Brow Wand- This brush is a must for me when I apply makeup on men. I usually brush out their eyebrows, mustache and beard if they have any so they look more clean cut and the best thing about it - It only cost $1.

8.) Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion - I love this lotion because it absorbs quickly and it doesn't make you feel sticky. If there is time I like to add lotion to their hands because there are times that they film close up shots of their hands and the last thing we want are dry and ashy hands so this works perfect.

9.) MAC Makeup Wipes - Most men like to remove their makeup when we are done filming so I like to keep them handy so I don't have to search for them when we wrap. These wipes have been my favorite for years. They remove most of the makeup, make your skin look and feel so good even after a few hours and they smell amazing.

Last tip: Usually there are at least 2 cameras on the talent, usually a straight on and a profile view so I always make sure to add the makeup to their ears, head, down the neck along with the sides of their neck.

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