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Story Time | Why do you do the things you do?

Many years ago I heard this story and it really opened my mind to think more rational and do things that work for me with reasoning.

This is the story -

I call it "Grandma's Turkey"

A newlywed couple wanted to host their first Thanksgiving dinner and as the wife was prepping the turkey her husband noticed she was cutting the turkey before cooking it. He asked her what she was doing and why she was cutting the turkey before it was even done. She said, "because this is the way to cook it and this is the way I see that my mom makes it." He had never seen that being done before so they went back and forth on how a turkey should be made. They finally decided to call her mom to ask her why she cuts the turkey before cooking it.

They call her mom and when they asked her why she cuts the turkey before putting in the oven she said she has always made it that way and that was the way her mother showed her how to make it. He wanted to get to the bottom of it and they decided to call grandma.

So they call grandma and ask her the question, "Why are we suppose to cut the turkey before we put it in the oven?" her reply was, "Honey, the only reason why I cut the turkey before I put it in the oven is because my oven is not big enough to have the whole turkey fit in."

Moral of the story,

Think before you do something and know why you're doing it. Don't just do things a certain way because you saw someone do it that way or just because someone told you to do it that way without a reason behind it. There are many ways to do things and yeah, sometimes there is no right or wrong way, however people do things because that is what works for them. Do things that work for you while knowing the reasoning for what you are trying to achieve.

Take this story in and learn from it. This does not only apply with cooking but it can apply to anything you do. This was passed through generations with no explanation and they would've lived their lives thinking that is the way you cook a turkey only because they saw someone doing it that way. So think rational and apply this while you do things.

Let me know your takeaways from this story.

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