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School has started and Andre is now in 2nd grade. Every day I ask Andre how his day at school went and he is so short with me. He'll say "good" and when I ask him what he did or learn he'll say he doesn't know. It seems like the older he's getting the less he's telling.

Am I the only mom that has a kid that doesn't want to talk about how school went?

So I now make him tell me 3 things that he did that day whether it's what he ate, who he played with, what he learned or just anything that stood out to him.

Since then, he seems a bit more excited to tell me his day. He'll even hit me with the question and has me tell him 3 things I did at work. Guess it has to work both ways.

I want to make sure we keep a great relationship and communicating like this builds a stronger bond and I know it will continue for many years.

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