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Pro Tip | Perfect Bronzer

Do you have trouble finding the right bronzer? Does it feel like one is too orange and another too brown? The too orange can be, well too orange, and the brown can look muddy.

The old trick in the game is to use a darker face powder than your skin tone.

A darker face powder will act as if it is your face powder and will go on smoother and give a more natural finish that will blend right in. You also have more color and undertone options to choose from.

My personal favorite face powder to use as a bronzer is MAC Studio Fix Powder in the shade NC43 because it is a full coverage foundation powder that really shapes my face the way I like and I don't have to apply my face powder underneath it because this powder has enough coverage.

It doesn't have to be a foundation powder and it does not have to be too dark. The beauty with this trick is that you can use any face powder and you get to determine how dark or how light you'd like the shade to be.

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