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Pro Tip | Using Mascara as an eyeliner?

There are many options and products you can use as eyeliner such as powder, pencil, gel, or liquid, but have you ever tried mascara?

Applying mascara to line your eyes is very similar as lining your eyes with a gel liner. Dip an eyeliner brush from the mascara wand and apply your mascara as an eyeliner.

Applying your top liner with mascara is one of my favorite tricks not only because it saves time but because it is fast drying, it will prevent from your eyeliner to run, and it is also pretty dark. It is also really good to cover your lash band while wearing falsies.

*Another eyeliner hack is to use a liquid lipstick to line your eyes (same as this technique) and that'll also give you so many color options as eyeliner.

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