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It's no secret I love Ouai products. I post about them every time my hair looks good - and believe me, its not a coincidence.

I'm a sucker for hair products that smell amazing and that works for my hair. And believe me when I say this - Ouai products smell so sexy.

[ I have long, oily, fine and straight hair and a lot of products can make it look oilier and cause build up so I am very particular with my hair products. ]

How I like to use these products:

Dry Shampoo - I like to apply this dry shampoo after I wash and style my hair. This product prevents my hair from getting oily while building a bit of volume and while it's putting in the work it also makes my hair smell delicious.

Wave Spray - I like to spray wave spray on my baby hair (aka broken hair) to keep my fly aways down. It works great for the fly aways to smooth down and not give it a crunchy look or feel. (And I can't stress this enough, it smells amaziiiiiing!!!)

Pomade - I like to use this product to add a fluff/volume to my hair when I curl it. It helps to give it a nice dirty feel when it's too clean and doesn't want to co operate with what you want it to do. Also this product is probably my most used on set when I do hair. It smooths, it works fast, it's good for fly aways, and it gives it volume to give it the appearance of fuller hair.

Rose Hair & Body Oil - I mainly love this product for my body, it is a deep treatment for cuticles and dry patches. It moisturizes your body and gives a glowy, hydrating, soft and sexy look and feel to the skin.

Soft Hair Spray - I like to use this product all over my hair. It doesn't give you a crunchy look or feel and I almost use this as a hair perfume. (Because if I haven't said this enough - all Ouai products smell amazing!)

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