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Makeup Talk | Clear vs Dark Lash Adhesive Glue

When choosing an eyelash glue color I say "There is no better or worse, it is all about your personal preference."

I choose what color lash glue I'm going to use depending on the eye look.

Both have their pros and their cons - Lets compare and decide.

Clear Glue


-Looks more natural and if you mess up it is easier to clean.

-Perfect if you're not wearing top eyeliner.


-You can see the "clear" glue shine (at times)

Dark Glue


-You don't have to darken the lash band.

-The lash band gives it depth.


-If you mess up it can look messy.

Let me help you decide:

Close up picture- Clear

Night out - Dark

Early shift for work - Clear

Beach - Clear

Brunch - Clear

Smokey eye - Black

No make up make up look - Clear

Cosmic Bowling (black light) - Black

First time applying lashes - Clear

Wing liner - Black

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