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Makeup Talk | How to make a summer lip unintimidating

Colored lips such as pink and oranges are very popular to wear during the summer. However, wearing bright colored lips can be intimidating if you don't wear them often, so here are a four easy ways you can wear bright lips without your them looking too dramatic.

1.) Apply a little lipstick on your lips and then rub your lips with your finger (windshield wiper motion) to diffuse the color and give it that washed out look like you were sucking on a lollipop or a popsicle that stained your lips.

2.) Apply lipstick and then dab/pat it with your ring finger to keep the pigmentation but helps diffuse the color to give you a nice wash of color without too much definition.

3.) Apply the dark or bright lipstick and then add a nude color lipstick on top to tone down the brightness and boldness of the color.

4.) Apply a bright colored lip pencil all over your lips and then dab a nude lipstick in the center to give a bold/nude ombre effect.

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