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Mom Life | eBooks and Audiobooks

I feel like ebooks and audiobooks are necessary especially when you have kids. You can have an ebook on your phone and tablet at all times to entertain you and your child/children.

Have you heard of Libby?

Libby is an app where you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your public library. I don't only use this app for Andre but for myself as well. I find it very convenient for Andre's homework/book log and ebooks that I like to check out for myself. Yes, check out! Libby works just like a library. You borrow an ebook for a few days and return it when you are finished and if you're not done with it you are able to recheck it out. You can also download ebooks if you want to use it while being offline. Its very convenient and perfect for children as a narrator reads as it highlights the word.

How to get started

1. You go to your city's public library and get your library card.

2. You download the free Libby app on your device.

3. You create your profile using your library card number along with your phone number.

4. Check out books.

How Libby works

You can read the sample, borrow, and hear the audiobook, if too many people have the same ebook checked out you are able to place a hold on it and it will give you an estimated wait time period.

You also have a due date of 14 days to read your book. The book automatically turns itself in unless you're not done and and decide to recheck your book for a longer time.

ps. there is also a way for you to check out magazines the same way

using the RB digital app.

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